🇬🇧 To begin this calendar here are few little things I’ve found on Pinterest, which makes me in a second in a Christmas mood. Can’t do better than this to begin December !
I’m sending you all my love and I’ll see you tomorrow at 4pm ! ❤️

🇫🇷Pour bien commencer cette année voici quelques petites choses que j’ai trouvé sur Pinterest qui me mettent directement dans l’ambiance de Noël, rien de mieux pour bien commencer le mois de décembre !!
Je vous envoie plein de bisous et je vous retrouve demain à 16h ! ❤️



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Hello there! My name is Salomé. I am a french blogger, currently based in Amsterdam. Passionated in fashion, dance, travel and arts, these topics are also some of those I write about. So stay with me, and enjoy the ride! Interested? subscribe to stay up to date! Want to know more? message me, i'd love to discuss things with you!

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