Les vacances de Noël / Christmas vacation


I had the pleasure, during my christmas vacation to welcome a friend of mine at home for a week. Lauren lives in florida but she’s doing study abroad in my school.

On the other part of my vacation I basically  rest and embrace the time that I had with my family before I was living for england.

Lauren and I had some really good time visiting Avignon and Nîmes. We also went to the pont du gard. In Avignon we first went to le Rocher des dons, it’s quite a cool place and there’s an amazing view on Avignon’s region. We went then to la maison de la fougasse, where my mom joined us to drink tea in the end of the day. In Nîmes, we visited the romans arena (which were built 2000 years ago), it is the arena the best preserved threw time and history. We learned everything about gladiators, the fights and the games during the roman age. We also went to la maison carré where we’ve seen a little moovie about the history of Nîmes, how and when was it built.





We spent Christmas with my family, at home. The 24th, at night, we were just the five of us. We had fun cooking everything. We did a lot of seafood which i’m not used to eat that much specialy during christmas eve. I only had hosters just a few times before (which made me sick each time…) but it went good this time.

In entrance, Lauren and I cooked three different tapas (not really complicated to do but so good). We also did cocktails, for the first one we used champagne, strawberry liquor and apple juice, and it was excellent here too. (if you want the recipe feel free to contact me)

Then we ate salmon, hosters and others seafood (which were amazing here too) and in dessert (which I baked my self, yes I’m really proud of it ) we had a log cake with raspberry filling and lemon icing.

For the 25th, we had a log cake with chocolat filling and icing and a charlotte aux framboises.

I hope you all had a merry christmas and lovely holidays with your family and friends. Take care !



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