My hometown is a little village near Avignon in the South of France. Avignon is known for its festival which takes place in July, it is about three weeks long.

The festival is made up of theater, dance, singers, humourist shows. The atmosphere of those three weeks is truly amazing. You’re able to see a comedian in the street and street dance shows every 50 meters in the principal street of Avignon, call la rue de la République.

Avignon is also known as the second city of popes. Popes lived in Avignon for few centuries in the palace they build and then they went back to the Vatican.

In the district around Avignon, we have a huge Roman history as well. The Pont du Gard was built 2000 years ago by the Romans to bring the water to one of their important city, Nîmes (which is about 45 minutes’ drive from ).


I choose to study business in Bordeaux in the Business School of KEDGE. I moved there a year and a half ago.

Bordeaux is an amazing city. It was renovated few years ago and has become an amazing place to live. The culture of Bordeaux is different in so many ways to the one in Avignon. A lot of people hang out next to the river and there are way more wine bars. The region of Bordeaux does amazing wine (Saint Emilion, Sauternes, etc…) which are worldwide.


The best thing by far about college are the people you meet there. The student life is so intense in Bordeaux and a lot of students live in the city center. There’re so many things to do. You can take part in the school life, or hang out next to the river to work on your finals with friends and food.

You have the possibility as well to enjoy a nice cocktail in a rooftop bar or eat one of the best burger in town. In spring and summer you can even go to the beach (Arcachon is about one hour drive from Bordeaux) and in winter have a good tea and pastries. And of course, as it is Bordeaux, enjoy a good glass of wine with cheese and friend. Or even party on a boat.


Within a month I’ll be moving to Hull, England for study abroad (not to far away from Manchester) until next December. Once I’m settled there I plan to write about my life in Hull and the differences between living in England and France.


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Hello there! My name is Salomé. I am a french blogger, currently based in Hull, U.K. Passionated in fashion, dance, travel and arts, these topics are also some of those I write about. So stay with me, and enjoy the ride! Interested in knowing when I post ? subscribe to stay up to date! Want to know more? message me, i'd love to discuss things with you! See you soon!

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